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Lace Up Leather Catsuit TCA1

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Lace Up Leather Catsuit TCA1
Lace Up Leather Catsuit TCA1
Lace Up Leather Catsuit TCA1
Lace Up Leather Catsuit TCA1

Haute Couture rather than pret-a-porter: this high class leather catsuit is everything but not ready-made clothing. The cut is very sexy and
figure-accentuated, cuddly and comfortable, the exclusive design grants the wearer a sparkling appearance on her surroundings. The sexy cleavage plays with the charms of a lady, creates a desire for more, an absolute eyecatcher.

The outstanding quality not only appears on the visible outside of this leather catsuit, also, the inner values are to the spot. This leather catsuit is made of super soft lamb nappa-leather, sensible to men and women alike...
This first class material guarantees a high durability, an aesthetic appearance – and, when touched, a more than tingling sensation. The use of only refined material lends additional attributes to this leather catsuit, such as: breathability, the exchange of warmth and an extremely even surface. The inner-lining, made of shiny satin lends an additional wearing comfort, which snuggles up to the lady’s skin.

The highlight of this leather catsuit is however, the continuous lacing on the legs, arms and the upper body – it turns this catsuit into something really special. Thanks to the creative finesse the wearer is perfectly fitted into this catsuit – the lacing conveys the feeling of a complete, custom made body fit. Individual style always needs a perfect fit.

100% Real Leather 100% real leather --> lamb nappa leather
inner lining: 100% Polyester

Please attend to the following size measurement table:
      Women' size sheet / centimeter & inch

colour sample:  

         leather sample black-2    leather sample white-2    leather sample red-2


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